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My baby isn’t a newborn anymore, can I still have photos taken?

Newborn photography and photographing older babies.


While the recommended age for newborn photos are between 1-2 weeks after birth, life just sometimes gets in the way of our plans and before you know it your baby is 2-3 months old. So you ask the question, have I missed my chance to have my baby photographed?

Absolutely not!

I always say, later is better than never!! It may just be a slightly different baby photography session.

Sometimes my clients don’t get a chance to have their session in the first 7-10 days after birth. This could be due to various reasons, nevertheless we try to make up for it with a session later.

As we mention on our newborn session page the best time to schedule your newborn session for is a week after birth. And the reason for this is that newborn babies are at their sleepiest and most curliest in the first two weeks after they are born. But it’s not impossible to get newborn like images of your baby once he or she is a couple of months old, it just takes more patience and an open mind that it may not happen, but we can definitely try!

So what’s your session will look like once your baby is over 4-5 weeks old?


Relaxed family portraits

First off, we’ll start with a very relaxed and natural family portrait session. During this time parents will be holding baby in their arms, baby will be sitting on their laps. This part of the session is more of a candid photography session, when you are asked to interact with your little one, however you are welcome to be smiling into the camera as well.



Close up portraits of baby

During this time I’ll make sure to get some close up portraits of baby as well, while you are holding him / her on your lap and we’ll try to get baby’s attention for the photo. At this age they are great at looking straight into the camera, so the perfect time to get those open eyed photos!!

After the family portraits we’ll place baby on a blanket and get some alone photos of him / her. These will be mainly relaxed as well, like below.



Newborn poses

After about 1 hour of taking photos babies tend to get tired and after some milk they are likely to nod off for a nap. At this point we can try and pose them in those cute curled up poses that we do with newborn babies, however please be aware that this isn’t always possible, it’s very much depended on baby and they allow. Some babies are deep sleepers, in which case it’s easier to pose them like newborns, however if your baby is a light sleeper and wakes up to every little move and touch, this part may not be possible. So please keep an open mind and bring a dummy / pacifier!!!



Sibling photos

If a sibling is joining the session we will try and get some sibling photos as well with baby. This can be a little tricky at this age as older babies tend to wriggle and move their arms a lot, which can be hard for a toddler or young sibling to manage while also trying to pose and smile for a photo. But we will definitely give it a go!!


I hope that helps answer some of your questions and puts you at ease.


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I look forward to hearing from you.