Frequently asked questions


Newborn studio sessions are best done up to 1.5-2 weeks after birth. Sessions take between 1-1.2hours depending on how baby feels on the day. Parent/sibling sets are included at no extra charge. For studio sessions we provide all props but you are welcome to bring along special sentiments if you wish to include these in your images, this to be discussed with the photographer prior to your session. We are the best newborn infant photographer in Sydney.

Maternity sessions are best done between 29-32 weeks before your little baby prepares itself for birth & moves down into your pelvis.  This remarkable little manoeuvre makes your belly “drop” & is not very flattering on camera. Some mums never drop, some drop well before 32 weeks…it’s all up to you!  All the drapes are provided (change tent and portable heater also provided).  Siblings are welcome at no extra charge. We are Sydney’s most affordable Professional Maternity &  Infant Photographers.

Outdoor family, baby and children sessions are designed for ages 6 months to 10 years (maximum 5 family members in total). These sessions are held early morning or very late afternoon due to shooting limitations with the sun. Family sessions are not offered in studio. The client must provide all clothing (limited to 1 outfit choice). A what to wear guide will be forwarded to make shopping a little easier on the day. If you wish to do a studio session we offer 6-9 month mini milestones (all outfits provided) siblings and family are excluded from these sessions. For birthdays we offer a cake smash session (yummy birthday cake, helium balloons, bunting and outfit included in price, color choices discussed at time of booking confirmation) followed by a warm bubbly bath to get rid of all the mess.  We are Sydney’s most affordable Baby, Child & Professional Infant Photographers.

 Here are some common questions we receive from new and expecting Mums and Dads;

“What does “print release“ mean?”

This gives you, the Client, full permission to reproduce, digitally or by means of printing, any of your images.

“How long will my images/prints take?”

Digital images will be available up to 1 week after your session, prints 1-2 weeks. Canvases and framed print typically take 2-4 weeks to be delivered.

“Can I receive my images unedited, or “raw“?”

The subtle editing that we do to your images  is part of our artistic style & therefore we are unable to supply unedited files, as is the case with all respected professional photographers.

“Do you offer a discount for individual or combined photography sessions?”

As we are  already at the industry entry point we are unable to offer discounts on individual or combined sessions.

“Will I receive my digital files professionally edited?”

Yes, all photographs are professionally edited in Photoshop and presented in high resolution.

“Do you have liability insurance?”

Yes, we are fully insured for public liability.

“How do I pay you?”

We can accept cash or credit cards on the premises by means of a mobile portable credit card device. A $100 deposit or booking fee is payable prior to your shoot and is deductible from the package you choose.

OUTSTANDING PAYMENT: Outstanding amount is due latest 7 days prior to the scheduled date of session. For CAKE SMASH session outstanding amount is due latest 14 days prior to the scheduled date of session. This can be made via bank transfer or Hello Baby Photography has the right to charge my card on file – this method will incur a $50 handling fee in addition to the outstanding amount.

“Do your images have a watermark or logo on them?”

You will receive TWO sets of copies. ONE set of HIGH RESOLUTION IMAGES (that’s WITHOUT OUR LOGO) and ONE set of LOW RESOLUTION IMAGES (that’s WITH OUR LOGO). You can use the high resolution images for printing and the low resolution images for sharing on social media or by email.

“How many photos do I get?”

Depending on how your baby has managed through the session and how strictly the preparation guide is followed we guarantee a minimum 30 images, often clients receive up to 40 or more.  It is important  you follow the preparation guide prior to arrival with utmost care and attention to detail.

“What days & times are you available?”

Our studio is open Monday-Friday, 9am to 3pm.

We have a small number of weekend spots available each month. There is a weekend for of $100 in addition for these spots, if you wish to book for a weekend date please get in touch to discuss your options with us.

“I have a newborn & can’t leave home, do you travel?”

For best results our posed newborn sessions are done in a studio setting.

“How long does a newborn session take?”

A newborn session on average takes 1.5 hours but can go longer depending on how settled your bub is. We allow lots of extra time for feeding, cleaning of their little accidents (they do happen!) and lots of cuddles.

“How long does a maternity photoshoot take?”

Maternity sessions take around 60 minutes, cake smashes and Mini Sitter sessions around 45 minutes to 1 hour.

“Do you have any props?”

We have an ever expanding collection of cute little props, blankets and hats/bonnets, feel free to bring along any special toys, blankets or hats that you would like to use.

“Are parent and sibling photos/sets an extra charge?”

No this is all included in our fee. It’s called FAMILY so everyone should get involved right? Providing siblings are happy to get involved and are not going to be a danger to your baby we welcome them into the studio for sibling sets.

“What should I wear for our Newborn session?”

Be comfortable as you’ll spend up to an hour in the parent’s lounge relaxing until it’s your turn for photos!

Bring a white/cream shirt and jeans for your parent set shots along on a hanger and hang this in the parent’s lounge on arrival so we avoid any unwanted wrinkles.

Parent sets are done at the end of your baby’s session but we will notify you when to get ready and you make use of the change room facilities on site.

“What should I dress my baby in for our Newborn session?”

Newborns photograph best in their birthday suits, but don’t worry we will protect their dignity with a little cloth wrap or a thoughtfully placed foot. If you have a special little outfit you would like to use in a few shots please feel free to bring it along, keep in mind that generally clothes really don’t fit newborns perfectly and tend to bunch up looking awkward in their photos.

“How do you know when baby is born? I’m going to be new mum and won’t remember to let you know..?”

Simply add your Newborn Photographer, to the family and friend text message list of announcing your little one’s birth. She will text you the following day with a few options for your newborn session.

“But what if we don’t know the exact date of birth?”

We work off your in your due date and adjust your booking as you reach or even pass the due date. It is important to keep us updated throughout the last two weeks of your pregnancy after doctor visits. Then you simply let us know when baby has arrived and we set the actual date.

“How soon do I need to book a newborn session?”

To avoid disappointment we suggest you make your booking (by means of a small deposit) at your earliest convenience.

“How old should my new baby be for the adorable squishy photos?”

The best time to photograph newborns is between 1 to 2.5 weeks after birth when they are still all sleepy, squishy and curly and we can safely pose your little munchkin.